LPzR architetti è tra gli studi selezionati per partecipare agli “Incontri al Buio”,  ciclo di conferenze per architetti emergenti.

Tutte le conferenze si svolgeranno in inglese.

Wonderland – platform for european architecture was inviting young architects to apply for a unique Blind Date! 

In cooperation with the Chamber of Architects of Milan, wonderland is organizing a series of Blind Dates in spring / summer 2013.  In each event, one Italian team will come together with two other European teams to present and discuss different points of view and approaches on a selected topic. The topics – inspired by wonderland’s ‘manual for emerging architects‘ – revolve around the creation and establishment of an architectural practice.  The aim is to confront the differences in professional practices in different European countries and in relation to the Italian situation. Just as in the ‘manual for emerging architects’ the Blind Dates mainly deal with the ‘HOW’ of everyday architecture.

Per maggiori informazioni e partecipare: Incontri al Buio!